A vibrant neighbourhood Asian fusion bistro with an air of cosmopolitism 

It is easy to tell that Matsu Restaurant, located in a modern new building in Sveti Duh, is an Asian bistro. The apparently minimalist interior actually hides a rich palette of deep saturated colours that, combined with various textures and warm lighting, create a very pleasing fusion — just like their culinary philosophy. Matsu is an Asian fusion bistro in the true sense of the word, because of its offer of sushi, gyoza, ramen, curry, bao buns, spring rolls, poke, teriyaki, yakitori, and wok. For all beginners in Asian culinary traditions, this is an ideal concept that offers a bit of everything.

One early Friday afternoon the Delicious Zagreb team went for a lunch there and since we did not make a reservation beforehand, we got our spot by sheer luck, because the restaurant was full and everyone, as we overheard, made their reservations in time. Soon the atmosphere got very lively, and you could hear champagne glasses clinking from almost every table. Tables are low, square or round. There is also a velvet bench that stretches along the entire length of one wall. Matsu also has an outdoor terrace, which, naturally, is not in use in winter.

The service is pleasant and friendly, as befits the bistro concept. At the end of lunch, we were surprised to get a short customer satisfaction survey which is supposed to be dropped into the mailbox when leaving.

What is served? 

The Matsu Restaurant menu comprises individual types of sushi, as well as sushi sets. For starters you can choose between a Thai spicy shrimp soup Tom Yum Kha, two types of miso ramen, tempura prawns and two types of steak tartare that melt beautifully with Asian ingredients and spices. Chinese cuisine enthusiasts will love their spring rolls, gyozas, and bao buns steamed in wok in several interesting varieties. Poke bowls are available in salmon and tuna options. The main dishes include curry dish, teriyaki salmon, yakitori and the Asian version of sea bass. Seven desserts dedicated to different parts of Asia are a real sweet fusion of flavours and textures.

Together with the indispensable cocktail list, Matsu has a concise wine list; a wide selection of Croatian white and red wines poured open is especially good. They also serve sake, Japanese wine and liqueurs.

What our chefs had?

We started our lunch with edamame beans and the signature Matsu set — uramaki and nigiri with salmon and bluefin tuna. Sushi was prepared very precisely, the ingredients were remarkably fresh, and the flavours and textures beautifully defined. This was followed by tuna poke bowl and pork miso ramen. To our delight, the poke bowl abounded in bluefin tuna chunks which were perfectly tender and melted in our mouth. Sushi rice was perfectly cooked, and ginger and daikon radish were fantastically crunchy in combination with the edamame beans and marinated mushrooms. The warm and hearty miso ramen soup with glazed pork, udon noodles and mung sprouts had perfectly balanced aromas and it was just what we needed on that cold winter afternoon.

Mon - Sun 12:00 - 23:00
Domobranska ul. 27, 10000, Zagreb
Mon - Sun 12:00 - 23:00
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