Traditional Zagreb Ajngemahtec soup

Traditional Sunday lunch in Zagreb begins with a rich chicken broth called Eingemachtetz, a local version diminutive for the German word "Eingemacht," which roughly translates as "all together" or "all in one." As with many things in Zagreb, this dish originated in Vienna, or the Habsburg monarchy Zagreb was a part of, a long time ago.

If you have ever had ajngemahtec in Ficlek and want to try making it at home, here is how.

For 5 people

Preparation time:

Stock: 3–5 hours

Another 45 minutes for the dish and the dumplings


Stock and soup:

750 g of chicken meat (drumsticks, backs, innards, and legs)

1 smaller turkey neck

150 g of carrots

100 g of celery root

100 g of parsley root

1 medium onion

150 g of peas

For the dumplings:

200 g of flour

3 eggs (M)

50 mL of sunflower oil

100 g of chicken liver


Put chicken innards, legs, and backs, together with vegetables, in a pot, with a lot of cold water. Once it starts to boil, reduce the temperature and let it simmer for at least 3 to 5 hours, depending on the kind of stock you want shorter cooking time means lighter stock. While it boils, use a spoon to collect the foam, but not the fat, which is essential for the flavor of the stock.

Once the stock is ready, strain it.

In another pot, quickly fry the turkey neck and one chicken drumstick and take them out. Use the same fat to fry the chopped onion, then add the peas.

Stir-fry for a short time, then cover with the previously cooked stock.

Cook over low heat until the peas are soft. Cut the vegetables from the stock into cubes and mix them into the ajngemahtec. Pick the meat from the stock of the bone first, then do the same to the fried drumstick and turkey neck. Cut meat into smaller pieces and mix into the soup.

Mix the cooked chicken liver, flour, eggs, and a bit of oil into a sticky dough for the dumplings. Shape them with a spoon, then use the same spoon to drop them into the boiling ajngemahtec. Dumplings are done when they come up on top and float.

Season to taste, add finely chopped parsley, and serve.