Mlinček Koncept

An eclectic gastronomic story spiced up with various events

If you are looking for an eclectic place to have brunch, Mlinček Koncept is the place to go. It's an urban gastronomic story spiced up with various events — pop-ups, DJs, flea markets, live music, themed tastings, children's shows, all under the roof of a charming bistro with an offer wide enough to please everyone. 

Mlinček is located in Črnomerec not far from Lauba Gallery, in an up-and-coming part of the neighbourhood where new residential buildings are still being built, so there are a lot of young people and families. This corner bistro has an international vibe, which is to be expected considering its ownership structure — the mix of French and Dutch bistro culture that has found its way in Zagreb very well.

Mlinček's interior and atmosphere are very homey, so you get the feeling as if you came to visit a friend. The seemingly simple decoration includes many details that constantly transform this place: from a gathering place for locals who come to get a great cup of specialty coffee, to a vibrant brunch bar, to a place for jazz concerts in the evening. Mlinček also has a covered terrace, where it often hosts DJ gigs, flea markets and other events.

What is served?

In short, everything from morning coffee to a nightcap, along with the food they offer all day. So, you can come to Mlinček in the morning and drink specialty coffee or whatever warm beverage you want – from matcha latte to babyccino. They also serve croissants, quiches, banana bread, toast and homemade granola. There are also eggs en cocotte that they offer in several options: original, with pesto and burrata, with cheese and with salmon, as well as 5 types of bruschetta and sweet and savoury pancakes.

Later in the day, you can switch to more specific dishes, such as salads with goat cheese, salmon and burrata, or chicken. Hot and cold tapas — burrata, olives, guacamole, chicken tacos, nachos, baked camembert, bitterballen and fries, as well as food platters are meant to be shared. They have 3 types of platters: Mlinček with homemade pâté, a selection of cheeses and prosciutto and sausages.

Mlinček also has the children's menu — toast and chicken nuggets.

In addition to all the above, drinks offer includes craft beer, simple cocktails such as spritzes, Mimosa, Negroni, Mule and Skinny Bitch; there is also a small but colourful list of fine spirits, whose offer varies from pelinkovac and travarica to Nikka whiskey and several foreign types of gin.

Of course, there are also cold-pressed juices and the classic non-alcoholic offer.

The service is relaxed, and the owner often comes to your table, which adds up to the homely atmosphere.

What our chefs had?

We came to Mlinček one sunny Saturday to have brunch. The place was bursting with people, a DJ was playing music, and a flea market was taking place at the far end of the terrace. The liveliness of this place is owed to a truly eclectic clientele — most of them are aged from around 20 to 50; there were also mothers with children, neighbourhood pals having coffee or beer, young ladies shopping, friends having brunch... After coffee, we decided to have an aperitif cocktail — Campari and Aperol Spritz, which were served with glass straws. Our cocktails went perfectly with chicken tacos, marinated olives and salmon and burrata salad. As befits Mlinček's concept, we shared everything. The tacos arrived hot, just as the cocktail whetted our appetites. Filled with chicken, salsa, pickles, arugula and sprouts, fried onions, cheddar and chilli mayo, the tacos proved to be a great choice and they were gone in no time. We all agreed aloud that they were super tasty. After that, we had some colourful olives marinated in Mediterranean herbs and olive oil. A smoked salmon salad with creamy burrata was served on a bed of arugula with cherry tomatoes, truffle pesto and walnuts. There were also sprouts, sun-dried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. With everything so crunchy, refreshing, cheerful and colourful, Mlinček was the right choice for a spring afternoon.

Gradisčanska 20A, Zagreb
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