A small coffee shop with big ideas

This adorable nook for fans of everything related to premium coffee, but also of eco-conscious   and plant-based way of life, is located in the very centre of Zagreb, at the beginning of the old part of Vlaška Street, not far from the Zagreb Cathedral. In a bright ground-floor space full of plants and with almost palpable good vibes, the young coffee expert and barista Lori Brncić has combined her passion for coffee with a zero-waste philosophy and a vegan lifestyle to make an irresistible hybrid that you can easily fall in love with.

Just one look at the shelves stocked with large jars full of colourful liquids and the walls displaying deep motivational quotes about life tells you that this is not 'just another' specialty coffee shop. In addition to coffee, which is the delicious focal point of the story, in Filteraj guests are shown easy ways to change their lifestyle habits, which will contribute to their health but also the health of our planet; thus, in the name of sustainability and ecology, vinegar and olive oil from small local producers, world-famous organic soy sauce, as well as eco-detergents, softeners and all-purpose cleaners can be bought here in bulk, right from the jars.

Several types of coffee are available, so depending on your preferences in terms of acidity and aroma, you can choose which one to have according to its variety, production method and origin, for example from Kenya, Ethiopia or Costa Rica. For those who don't like espresso, Chemex, V60 or Aeropress options are also available, as well as cold brew, and for those who like to make their coffee milder, there are also three plant-based milks made in-house: oat milk, coconut, cashews and dates milk, and almond milk. In addition, they also serve premium teas and infusions, kombucha teas and some craft beer. Coffee always goes well with a good snack, so in Filteraj you can get a croissant, a sandwich or one of the desserts prepared by their partner Juraj Močilac with his brand of vegan desserts 'Spoonful of Sugar'. By all means, do not miss the chestnut tart!

Vlaška ul. 10, 10000, Zagreb
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