Štrukli TO GO

Hot štrukle and cold gibanice to go!

This small business located in Zagreb's longest and bustling Ilica Street, right next to the park, often can’t keep up with the high demand for its main product. As there is no place to eat inside, and you can buy your delicacies only to take out, queues for hot štrukle are frequent, but the delicious goodies are worth every minute of waiting.

An autochthonous traditional Croatian dish, štrukle, štrukli or štruklji, with a completely original and unchanged way of preparation which has not been recorded anywhere else, but is typical of the northern surroundings of Zagreb and Zagreb itself, is something that every visitor to Zagreb should taste. The preparation of this versatile dish, mild, yet expressive and tasty, with a deceptively simple structure, included in the Register of Croatian Intangible Cultural Heritage, is considered a true artistry. Whether cold or hot, savoury or sweet, cooked or baked – everybody likes them.

Although štrukle are popular local food enjoying a cult status, not many restaurants make them, because their preparation is quite demanding, so 'Štrukli to go' successfully filled that gap on this side of town. The magic is all the greater because the production of štrukle is not hidden in the kitchen, but takes place in their small, simple space, with the verses of an old Kajkavian song about štrukle written on the wall; upon entering, you can see the lady baker masterfully stretching the fragile thin dough on the big table behind the glass and filling it with delicious homemade fresh cheese, cream and eggs.

You can also buy your štrukle raw, at half the price, and bake them at home; in addition to štrukle, you can occasionally buy makovnjača, orehnjača or the famous Međimurje gibanica, equally important traditional cakes, so make sure you don't miss them. Water and juices are available as drinks.

Ilica 156, 10000, Zagreb
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