Cheerful place for plant-based enthusiasts

Zagreb got yet another plant-based bistro! Not so long ago, what was just a trend on the horizon today is a serious movement led by the new generation, motivated by an ethical attitude towards animals and the environment, but also health. That is why in Zagreb, for vegetarians, vegans or simply more conscious eaters, there are more and more delicious options. This charming place is located on the western edge of the city centre, at the very beginning of Zeleni val (the “Green Wave”), an important city traffic artery. The inner décor is simple and minimalistic, yet it manages to be cosy in its Scandinavian style.

The space is dominated by a reed ceiling, wooden tables and chairs reminiscent of those from a school classroom, a lot of white colour and live plants on the walls and tables. While we were having lunch, we were enjoying the quiet tunes of the great River Whyless, which is not heard that often, so it seems that the music is also one of the details that is paid close attention to. The service is casual and pleasant, and the staff is well prepared. There is also a small terrace in front of the bistro with a view of the park.

What is served

The menu is rather short, but in Superplanty they tell us they started slowly and they are working hard to expand the menu, which we are really looking forward to. Although short, the menu has everything it needs to refresh a hungry vegan team. Two smoothie bowls stand out in the offer, Cacao Dream and Blue Spirulina, made from granola, almond milk and banana; the first one follows the theme of cocoa and cinnamon, and the second one of spirulina, vanilla, coconut and lime. Then two savoury dishes: one in the bruschetta type, while the other resembles scrambled eggs, but, naturally, without any eggs. Everything ends with two Energy Bites, sweet balls without added sugar, which can be served as a dessert, just as they were to the Delicious team, or on their own, with coffee, if you just need a little pick-me-up to get on with your day.

The drink offer is also short, but well-conceived and high-quality. Among the hot drinks made from specialty coffee, aside from the usual types, exotic options such as Spiced Golden Latte or Red Velvet Latte stand out, while the soft drinks offer includes several flavours of kombucha. As for alcoholic beverages, they offer three editions of local craft breweries, a dozen organic wines from Croatia and surrounding countries, and local cider.

What our chefs had

We started off with a very tasty Tofu Scramble, a dish rich in spices that plays with the form and texture of scrambled eggs, but is made from cashews and tofu. It is accompanied with delicious toasted sourdough bread and cherry tomatoes and served in interesting heavy iron bowls. We also had the excellent Lox on Sourdough, a large bruschetta made from the same sourdough bread, where the 'lox', that is salmon, is replaced by thinly sliced carrots marinated in algae; the bruschetta is enriched with onions and a wonderful in-house prepared cashew spread. We ended our meal with delicious soft energy balls, in the flavours of carrot cake and ginger.

We accompanied everything with excellent Buna cider poured open, and ended with an espresso coffee made of Colombian coffee from Zagreb's Cogito with a dash of excellent homemade almond and oat milk.

Trg Vladka Mačeka 2, 10000, Zagreb