Magnolia slastice

Flowers and sweets in shades of pink

This beautiful pastry shop has managed to take the ever-present patisserie aesthetics but also marketing to a whole new level with the help of – as its name implies – flowers.

The pastry shop Magnolia is known for its beautiful windows and interior abundantly decorated with fresh flowers, in pastel pink and turquoise shades, with romantic shabby chic stucco walls and velvet seats, but it is even more renowned for its beautiful cakes, various pastries, macarons, biscuits and other sweets, of recognizable rich taste and impeccable design.

They have four shops, well distributed in various parts of Zagreb, which makes it easier to get your sweet bites.

Among the traditional flavours, we should mention the excellent kremšnita, a puff pastry cake with whipped egg cream, the even better košnice, then the legendary Frozen Wind cake, Doboš cake, layered chocolate slices mađarice or chestnut puree – infallibly one of the best in the city.

Among the international stars, we should mention the excellent macarons in several flavours, the delicate and foamy Medovik cake, the Red Velvet cake or the light fruit tart with strawberries.

In addition, there are apple pies, donuts, or dinner rolls, as well as savoury snacks such as the typical bučnica – Croatian strudel made with summer squash, fresh cheese, cream and eggs, cheese strudel or a selection of sandwiches. In addition to all that, it is worth noting the excellent Croatian tea infusions made from herbs from the Croatian islands, as well as the fact that you can also buy the flowers you are surrounded by!

Kaptol Centar, Nova Ves 17, 10000, Zagreb
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